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When do embroidery, we always use needle, gloves, ink, ink place and new masker. We use original herbal ink that made from plants with high colorful and natural.

In embroidery, we use facial sketch application, which is determined by the character shading embroidery clients face, which will be matched with the color of skin.

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ALI TATTOO SULAM start in the arts since 1994 in the city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Starting from his love of drawing and become a body tattoo artist or commonly called body tattoo, finally evolved become Eyebrow Embroidery Artist. In 1999, based on given suggestion friends and close relatives, Ali Tattoo seriously pursue the art eyebrow and lips embroidery so that in the same year, Ali Tattoo studying to Taiwan, with the aim to further deepen eyebrow and lips embroidery techniques. For almost 1 year settled there, finally Ali Tattoo back to the homeland. With embroidery techniques he had learned in Taiwan, Ali Tattoo ventured to open the first embroidery studio in his hometown of the Pontianak. As the development of the art of tattoo is less accepted among the people, finally in 2001 happened a debate about tattoos and embroidery. To make sure public views about Ali Tattoo is an Eyebrow Embroidery artist, finally ALI TATTOO changed its name to Ali TATTOO SULAM

In the end of 2006, ALI TATTOO SULAM develop 3D Embroidery techniques. This technique result a more dense eyebrows effects and real, so it makes the face look more assertive. The technique continues to grow up until it became 4D Embroidery with additional effect more natural based on embroidery line

With its ability, in 2009 Ali Tattoo Sulam opened its first branch in Jakarta is located in Mangga Dua Square, North Jakarta. A year later, precisely on July 25th 2010, Ali Tattoo Sulam followed Eyebrow Embroidery, Lip & Eyeliner Contest in Jakarta, until finally Ali Tattoo Sulam won the highest award Tattoo Embroidery with out as a champion for the category BEST OF THE BEST and BEST OF THE DAY National level organized by one of the leading ink manufacturer in Indonesia. Does not end there, Ali Tattoo Sulam also won several categories in the same event, namely the 1st Winner Eyebrow Embroidery, 1st Winner Lips embroidery, 1st Winner Top Eyeliner Embroidery and 2nd Winner Bottom Eyeliner Embroidery

No word stop to learn, this is the motto that drives ALI TATTOO SULAM to re-develop its techniques. After several times won the prestigious event at the national level, it does not make Ali Tatto Sulam feel satisfied. Ali Tatto Sulam back studying abroad, this time the destination to gain and develop the skill is South Korea. In this country, Ali Tattoo Sulam explored the potential of embroidery art until finally Ali Tatto Sulam got some new techniques ready are introduced to the Indonesian people.

6 Dimensional Embroidery techniques that got from South Korea is a combination of techniques that can make eyebrows look so smooth and natural. Not only that, the lines feathers are so smooth can be combined with the original eyebrow feathers, thus making this technique advantages for Ali Tattoo Sulam go to international.

On August 11, 2012, Ali Tatoo Sulam tried to follow event Embroidery International Beauty Contest 2012, which is an Eyebrow and Lip Embroidery Championship first international scale, which is held in singapore. With the participants followed by professionals from several countries in Asia, such as Philiphina, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia, its located in the Marina Bay Sands-Singapore, Finally ALI TATTOO SULAM won the 1st Winner Embroidery Eyebrow and Lip , thus makes proud the name of Indonesia in the international arena, particularly in the world of beauty.

With more than 20 years experienced in the world of beauty, now Ali Tattoo Sulam has created a new technique, namely SHADING ALIS 2013. Technique was born so perfectly, can be implemented on each character's face person. This technique is a technique that is coated with scratch lines shadow techniques that can make the eyebrows look so elegant and natural. Meanwhile, to make the eyebrows look more natural as the original eyebrow feathers, this technique is also combined with EYEBROW SHADING newest ink.

ALI TATTOO SULAM also believed to be the jury in several National and International Competition as Competition Lips Eyebrow Embroidery Contest in Jakarta, Asia Pacific International Cup Souk Tattoo Contest in Bali, and Van Java Beauty Competition in Surabaya.

Eyebrow Lips Embroidery Contest in Jakarta

Asia Pacific International contest Souk Cup Tattoo Contest in Bali

Beauty Van Java Competition in Surabaya

Now Ali Tattoo Sulam has grown to become a trusted brand in Indonesia, especially in the field of embroidery eyebrows and lips. Support and confidence of Indonesia people even World to Ali Sulam Sulam, make him opened embroidery studio that spread across several major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Batam, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Pontianak, Singkawang and Singapore. The number of customers Ali Tatto Sulam which has reached more than 10,000 people, make him one of beauty figure which is owned by Indonesia, and worthy to be known his masterpiece.

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