New needle for every customer with Indonesia Health Department Standart

When do embroidery, we always use needle, gloves, ink, ink place and new masker. We use original herbal ink that made from plants with high colorful and natural.

In embroidery, we use facial sketch application, which is determined by the character shading embroidery clients face, which will be matched with the color of skin.

Our Best Staff will give maximum result for Customer

Shading Eyeliner

For women who feel there is something missing in their eyes naturally want to know how their eyes look more beautiful and charming, one of which is with Eyeliner Shading.

Shading Eyeliner is one of method that doing by somenone to get eye shape more bigger and can be one of solution for them that have small eye. Result from Shading Eyeliner can longer than 3 years and no color change.

Based on women experience that used Shading Eyeliner, they feel so satisfied with the result gain, because at first looks like small eye, now looks like more bigger after do eyeliner embroidery. Beside that, around eyes will more looks like shinny and have character.
* : result can be different for every person