New needle for every customer with Indonesia Health Department Standart

When do embroidery, we always use needle, gloves, ink, ink place and new masker. We use original herbal ink that made from plants with high colorful and natural.

In embroidery, we use facial sketch application, which is determined by the character shading embroidery clients face, which will be matched with the color of skin.

Our Best Staff will give maximum result for Customer

For those of you who want to know more, and want to learn to make beautiful eyebrows, eyes and lips, we are willing to share their knowledge and experience. We teach the techniques of shading in a professional and international standard.

During the 20 days, you will be taught all the skills in making microblading, eyebrows shading, eyeliner, and lips. We teach the theory and practice of directly with the model (not the statue) that was easily understood by people who have not even never know about eyebrows shading, eyeliner and lips. After the learning process is complete, you will not be left alone, but can be accompanied by up to professionally handle your own client.


Nano Shading
Manual Shading
Nano Lip Crystal
Eyeliner Styles
Eyelash Extensions
Bebe Glow
1 Set Manual Microblading 1 set Nano Shading Tool Newest Technique 2017
1 Set Manual Shading 1 set Nano Lip Crystal Machine
1 set Bebe Glow equipment
Nano Shading Ink
Manual Shading Ink
2 Nano Lips Crystal Ink (Orange and Pink)
Eyeliner Ink
Eyeliner, Lips & Eyebrow Anesthesia
Lips & Eyebrow needle
Lips & Eyebrow needle close
8 Model is provided to learn practice
Certificate (after final examination around 3 months can release)

*Since 3 months, Mr.Ali stil guide you. If any question or anything not clear, please ask by WhatsApp [0813 1774 5111] or email to []

Training Days :
15 Days
- Start training at 12.00 am - 7.00 pm
- 8 Days theory and 8 days practice