New needle for every customer with Indonesia Health Department Standart

When do embroidery, we always use needle, gloves, ink, ink place and new masker. We use original herbal ink that made from plants with high colorful and natural.

In embroidery, we use facial sketch application, which is determined by the character shading embroidery clients face, which will be matched with the color of skin.

Our Best Staff will give maximum result for Customer

Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Eyebrow Shading feel pain or not ?
answer : It does not hurt, because prior to shading, client will be given an anesthetic beforehand in the form of topical creams, with the purpose of during shading client's skin does not feel pain.

2. If Shading result does not meet my expectation, How is it?
answer: Do not worry, eyebrow will be adjusted with face character of each client's face. Trust to us that we will give the best shape eyebrow which will be adjusted client face character

3. How is Eyebrow Shading process ?
answer: First of all eyebrow will be cleaned and trimmed, then will be shaped a pattern that has been adapted to the shape and character of your face. If client has agreed eyebrow pattern formed, then we will do the next step of the anesthesia. Only after that we proceeded with the shading process.

4. How long lasting eyebrow shading ?
answer: Eyebrow shading that we made will last 4 to 5 years, depending on the care of each client.

5. Is the ink can cause allergy?
answer: No, because the ink we used is herbs ink that derived from plants, and its controlled cleanliness and quality.